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Enacting Images. Representation Revisited


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Größe 12 × 19 cm



Herbert von Halem Verlag



Artikelnummer: 9783869620688 Schlagwörter: , , Product ID: 2655


Enacting Images is devoted to images as they can mobilize cognition and theorizing. Though we can speak of a pictorial turn now that images have become a distinct and full-fledged topic of investigation, some may continue to cling to the impression that images should still be considered within a fundamentally representationalist framework.

As an alternative, the enactive approach provides a conceptual setup within which images, beyond their informational, immersive, and aesthetical power, can be considered as being the manifestations of a new epistemic access to the world. The present volume is a collection of essays that reflectively investigate the theoretical prerequisites, scope, and limits of enactive approach.