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Origins of Pictures. Anthropological Discourses in Image Science


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Oktober 2013


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Herbert von Halem Verlag



Anyone talking about pictures by necessity refers to those using pictures. It is therefore essentially the competence of using pictures that they must consider. Such a competence is not a common ability even among higher developed mammals, at least as far as we know today. This fact raises the question yet unanswered whether and to what extent that ability has to be conceived of as a strictly anthropological one. In an interdisciplinary approach,the first international conference of the Society for Interdisciplinary Image Science (GiB) titled Origins of Pictures has taken a closer look at the role of pictures for the conditio humana.The goals pursued at the conference were first to present empirical findings of the origins of picture uses. In particular, research in paleo-anthropology, archeology, cultural anthropology, and developmental psychology has been considered. Furthermore,those findings have been related to philosophical considerations concerning the conditions of the conceptual formation of picture competence.

Klaus Sachs-Hombach, geb. 1957, studierte Philosophie, Psychologie und Germanistik an der Universität Münster. 1990 schloss er seine Promotion an der Universität Münster ab, 2003 die Habilitation an der Universität Magdeburg. Von 1991 bis 1993 erfolgte ein Forschungsaufenthalt in Oxford und am MIT in Cambridge, MA. Seit 2011 ist er Professor für Medienwissenschaft (Medieninnovation/Medienwandel) am Institut für Medienwissenschaft der Universität Tübingen. Forschungsschwerpunkte: Bildtheorie, Kommunikationstheorie, Medientheorie, Zeichentheorie, Ästhetik, Kulturtheorie, Geschichte und Theorie der Psychologie und Kognitionswissenschaft. Aktuelle Publikationen: Das Bild als kommunikatives Medium. Elemente einer allgemeinen Bildwissenschaft. Köln [Herbert von Halem Verlag] 2003/²2006/³2013; Bilder – Sehen – Denken. Zum Verhältnis von begrifflich-philosophischen und empirisch-psychologischen Ansätzen in der bildwissenschaftlichen Forschung. Köln [Herbert von Halem Verlag] 2011 (Hg. mit Rainer Totzke); Origins of Pictures. Anthropological Discourses in Image Science. Köln [Herbert von Halem Verlag] 2013 (Hg. mit Jörg R. J. Schirra); Bildwissenschaft und Visual Culture. Köln [transcript] 2014 (Hg. mit Marius Rimmele und Bernd Stiegler).

Klaus Sachs-Hombach / Jörg R. J. Schirra

I. Methodological Aspects of Picture Anthropology

Iain Davidson
Origins of Pictures: An Argument for Transformation of Signs

Jean Clottes
Consequences of the Discovery and Study of the Chauvet Cave

Lambros Malafouris
Learning to See: Enactive Discovery and the Prehistory of Pictorial Skill

Christa Sütterlin
Early Face Representation as Proto- or Archetype of Generalized Human Face Perception

II. Relation between Empirical Anthropological Investigations and Synthetic Philosophical Investigations

Søren Kjørup
Resemblance Reconsidered: Confessions and Concessions of a Conventionalist

Jörg R. J. Schirra; Klaus Sachs-Hombach
The Anthropological Function of Pictures

III. Archeological and Paleoanthropological Perspectives on the »First« Pictures

Christian Züchner
Symbols and Signs of the Earliest Art of Ancient Europe

Nicholas J. Conard; Harald Floss
Early Figurative Art and Musical Instruments From the Swabian Jura of Southwestern Germany and Their Implications for Human Evolution

Ekkehart Malotki
The Road to Iconicity in the Paleoart of the American West

Ellen Dissanayake
Born to Artify: The Universal Origin of Picturing

Tilman Lenssen-Erz
The Dark Ages of Picturing: Does Art Originate from Caves? A Synopsis

IV. Picture Competence in Developmental Psychology and the Role of Gestures and Facial Expressions

Göran Sonesson
The Picture Between Mirror and Mind: From Phenomenology to Empirical Studies in Pictorial Semiotics

John Matthews
Seven Spots and a Squiggle: The Prehistory of Pictures

Dieter Maurer
Early Pictures in Ontogeny and Phylogeny: Preliminaries to a Comparison

Sabine Völkel; Peter Ohler
Understanding Pictures in Early Childhood

V. Cultural Anthropology: On the Origins of Pictures and Picture-free Societies

Derek Hodgson
Ambiguity, Perception, and the First Representations

Joachim Knape
Image Textuality, Narrativity, and Pathos Formula: Reflections on the Rhetoric of the Image

Philipp Stoellger
The Image – As Strong as Death? On Death as the Origin of the Image

Helge Gerndt
When Do Images Emerge? Religious Image Practices in the Late Middle Ages

Hans Dieter Huber
Images of the Dead

Ekkehard Jürgens
Pictures ­– What For? Seven Hypotheses on the Origin of Art

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