Elisabeth Klaus


Elisabeth Klaus is professor and chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Salzburg; she studied mathematics and social sciences at the University of Münster and holds a PhD in sociology in 1986 from the University of Notre Dame/ USA. In 1996 she finished her “Habilitation” at the University of Dortmund. She was a visiting professor at the Universities of Hamburg, Vienna and Klagenfurt and a research fellow at the Department of Communication of Dublin City University. From 1996-2003 she was professor for Empirical Communication Research at the University of Göttingen. Her focus in research and teachings are . Her most recent book publication is Kommunikationswissenschaftliche Geschlechterforschung. Zur Bedeutung der Frauen in den Massenmedien und im Journalismus (2005).


Hans Bohrmann / Elisabeth Klaus / Marcel Machill (Hrsg.)

Media Industry, Journalism Culture and Communication Policies in Europe

Festschrift für Gerd G. Kopper

The book aims at analyzing driving factors determining journalism and media development in Europe. Focussing on political, economical, technical, and cultural conditions in various European countries - including new EU member states - this volume gives insight into the functions and dysfunctions of modern journalism. Although the book will contain both ...