Zsuzsanna Kondor


Zsuzsanna Kondor, 1966, is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of, of Philosophy, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Her main fields of research are the history of philosophy, philosophy of communication, embodied cognition, enactive approach, and the philosophy of images. Her publications include Embedded Thinking: Multimedia and the New Rationality, 2008; Perception and Depiction in the Light of Embodiment. In: Heinrich, R.; Nemeth, E.; Pichler, W. (eds.): Image and Imaging in Philosophy, Science, and the Arts, 2010; World Picture and Beyond – Representation Revisited. In: Nyíri, K.; Benedek, A. (eds.): Images in Language. Metaphors and Metamorphoses, 2011.


Zsuzsanna Kondor (Hrsg.)

Enacting Images

Representation Revisited

Enacting Images is devoted to images as they can mobilize cognition and theorizing. Though we can speak of a pictorial turn now that images have become a distinct and full-fledged topic of investigation, some may continue to cling to the impression that images should still be considered within a fundamentally ...