Stephanie Geise / Katharina Lobinger

Visualisierung – Mediatisierung:

Reflexion und weiterführende theoretische Überlegungen

[Visualization and Mediatization: Reflections and Further Theoretical Considerations]

In the ‘Visualization – Mediatization’ various theoretical and methodological approaches‚ stemming from the various research fields related to the study of visuals against the background of mediatization were collected enabling a fruitful debate on the role and meaning of current transformations in visual communication and visual agency. However, of course, not all questions could be answered and new research gaps were identified. The concluding article collects and bundles these desiderata for future research and sketches as research agenda for future research at the intersection of visual communication and mediatization. It is argued that, for example, the blurring boundaries of vernacular images and of images produced in professional media context, need to be examined. In addition, visual communication research should focus more closely on the materiality and the aesthetics of images in order to scrutinize the socially and culturally shaped ways of seeing they encourage. Futhermore, a history of visual agency acknowledging the process character of long-term transformation in the field of the visual is needed. Overall, these demands require theories in visual communication research that go beyond the discoursive and symbolic qualities of images alone and also seek to explain the social uses of images and of visual media technologies.

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