Wolfgang Reißmann

Visualisierung, handlungsorientierte Kommunikationstheorie und private Bildpraxis in dichten Medienumgebungen

[Visualization, Action-oriented Communication Theory and Private Picture Practices in Mediatized Worlds]

Based on the assumption that communicative action in mediatized worlds includes more and more communication based on visuals, the paper addresses two questions: Starting from symbolic interactionism and its tradition in communication studies, the first part asks for an aestheticization of our understanding of how meaning-making works besides propositional thinking. It is argued that a broadened definition of communicative articulation is needed, which regards acts of showings as ways of signifying presence. In this regard, style and habitus are promoted as key categories of visual interaction. The second part shifts from communication theory to the social use of everyday interaction by the means of visuals and digital media (such as social network sites). The author asks for the meaning of deictic communication against the background of multi-locality and fragmented life worlds. It is argued that visual presencing and mediation is at stake suggesting to overcome socio-spatial and temporal fragmentation. Not least, these considerations show the need for visual communication research exploring visualization and mediatization against the backdrop of further societal and cultural developments.

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