Anne-Linda Camerini / Peter J. Schulz

Two Perspectives Are Better than One: Applying the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model to Self-Report Media Studies with Children and Their Parents

Self-report data in media research is potentially biased by social desirability responding and recall problems, especially in children. Therefore, some researchers draw on parent report, despite the fact that parents are prone to systematic response bias, too. In this chapter, we present the advantages of collecting dyadic data on media-related concepts as they help cross-validating self-report. Furthermore, we introduce the actor-partner interdependence model (APIM) as a valuable statistical methodology for analysis. We compare self-report data and apply the APIM to parent-child dyads in the context of parental mediation and its relationship to children’s media use as reported by 854 middle school students aged 11 and their parents in a survey in 2016. To test the APIM, we present a five-step approach using Structural Equation Modeling adapted from studies in interpersonal relationship and communication research.