Time and Image

Pressemitteilung vom 30. April 2020

Time and Image

Zeigam Azizov explores the links and relationships of time, the image, and recorded memory in the work of Bernard Stiegler.

In The Time of the Image Zeigam Azizov analyses the structure of the image as a temporal object from a philosophical perspective. He asks for the notion of ‘the image’ in an age of excessive use and proliferation, as well as for its function as a ‚technic‘ of access to the world and furthermore for its role in the constitution of the subject. To underline his argumentation he points out the significance of an image being connected to a new understanding of time, which is produced by a non-linear way of seeing and thinking – due to the process of ‘cutting and mixing’ – transforming images in new constellations and modifying their meaning.

For this reason Azizov develops a theory of the image with reference to the work of the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler, in strong connection to his concepts of ’technics‘, ’montage-consciousness’ and his approach toward the image as a storage of ’recorded memory’. In re-reading Edmund Husserls term of the ‘temporal object’, which states that the object is not only in time but is constituted through time, Azizov traces the role of the image as a provoking and constitutional element of the thought.

To illustrate the use of images Azizov blends philosophy, cultural theory and contemporary art like filmmaking and experimental cinema. In two case studies he discusses Harun Farocki’s essay-film Workers Leaving the Factory and Chris Maker’s science fiction short film La Jetée as examples of the ‘industrialisation of thought‘ on the one hand but also of the ‘history of images’ on the other. For both filmmakers editing and montage was a fundamental part of their artistic practice – as a way to comment on the lost memory that is recorded in images.

The Time of the Image is our ninth publication in the series Klagenfurter Beiträge zur visuellen Kultur (Klagenfurter Contributions to Visual Culture) edited by Jörg Helbig and Rainer Winter.


Zeigam Azizov

Zeigam Azizov is a British philosopher, artist, and essayist. He was born in 1963 in the former USSR (Azerbaijan SSR) and currently lives and works in London (UK). He was trained in philosophy, art, and cultural theory in the UK, France, and Austria. He started his DPhil (Doctor of Philosophy) at Goldsmiths University of London and later moved to Klagenfurt University in Austria for reasons of supervising. There he completed his thesis The Time of the Image. A Philosophical Exploration ...