Freya Sukalla

The Use of a Lexical Decision Task to Measure Counterarguing: An Illustrative Example of a New Approach to Post-Exposure Measurement of Media Processing

This article proposes a new approach to post-exposure measurement of media processing. Applying the theoretical paradigm of implicit measures to the measurement of more complex media processing activities, a Lexical Decision Task is developed as an indicator of counterarguing activity during exposure. The Counterarguing-LDT is put to a first test in the context of a narrative persuasion study (N = 90). Demonstrating convergent and predictive validity, the Counterarguing-LDT proves to be a promising post-exposure approach to measuring more complex processing during media exposure – especially in situations where self-report measures are subject to social desirability biases and/or introspective and memory limitations. However, the measure still needs to be systematically investigated and potentially refined.