Mark Feldstein

Spies, Murder and the Mafia: Exposing a Scandalous Cold War Conspiracy

Mark Feldstein discusses a political (non-)scandal that has become somewhat of a historical afterwit. Feldstein investigates the CIA’s countless (failed) attempts to assassinate Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and discusses why this plot, despite journalistic exposés, never caused major public outrage and had little political consequences. Feldstein’s case study is not only an entertaining read about spies, murders and the mafia but also makes interesting observations on how changes in journalistic culture can affect media coverage of potentially confrontative issues. The Castro murder-plot is a lesson what happens if the press covers relevant issues extensively but belatedly, i.e. when public interest has faded away, so that scandalization cannot function as a corrective of certain practices, such as misconduct and power abuse in the intelligence community.

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