Tanja Maier

Remediatisierung durch Zeitschriften

Transformationen visueller Kommunikation am Beispiel christlich-religiöser Bilder

[Remediation in Magazines. Transformations of Visual Communication: The Example of Using Christian Images]

The article discusses the concept of remediation with a particular focus on print-magazines. Introducing the concept of remediation as presented by Bolter and Grusin mainly for digital media, the analysis shows how ‘older’ print media refashion visual forms (e.g. photography, painting, sculpture, film) as well. Looking in detail at Christian Images used by the news magazine ‘Der Spiegel’, the analysis demonstrates processes of image transformation and ways of seeing. Media images gain relevance by taking up and incorporating well-established images from art and pop culture while they alter and refashion these images in a specific manner. Taking this into regard the concept of remediation offers opportunities for analyzing the modifications of visual communication.

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