Katharina Lobinger

Praktiken des Bildhandelns in mediatisierten Gesellschaften – eine Systematisierung

[Vernacular Visual Practices in Mediatized Societies – a Systematization]

Visual practices play a major role in the heterogeneous repertoire of everyday communication in highly mediatized societies. This is currently highlighted by catch phrases such as »ubiquitous photography« (Hand 2012), »networked camera« (Rubinstein/Sluis, 2008) and „social photography“ (Weilenmann/Hillman/Jungselius, 2013). Still, mostly concentrating on the contents and effects of visuals created in professional fields of production, visual communication research has so far neglected vernacular visual practices and processes of visual communication. In a critical theoretical approach to different concepts and terminologies, including ›visual practices‹, ›image-based communication‹, ›photo work‹, ›photographic practices‹, the contribution aims at systematizing different forms of practices related to and oriented around visuals. It is asked which forms of e.g. image-based communication or visual communication can be differentiated, what the role of the material visual object is, and what constitutes ›visual practices‹. Various forms of visual everyday practices are differentiated and discussed in detail: (1) pre-communicative and object-related visual practices, (2) photo sharing as a necessary premise for visual communication, (3) (verbal) communication about images, and (4) communication with images. Concluding, the paper draws implications for future visual communication research that are necessary to adequately acknowledge the pragmatic dimensions of visuals.

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