Emanuel Maxl / Nicola Döring / Astrid Wallisch (Hrsg.)

Mobile Market Research

Neue Schriften zur Online-Forschung, 7

Mobile phones have grown to become a permanent companion and personal device for most people in the last few years. For the market research industry it is vital to take advantage of the opportunities that mobile phones and mobile communication technologies provide. Mobile market research is the generic term for research methods using the functions of mobile phones with and beyond voice telephony. One crucial benefit of the use of mobile phones in research is the better availability of people who are difficult to reach by fixed-line phones, face-to-face or by post. The most relevant advantage of mobile methods refers to the nature of context-sensitivity i.e. to get immediate feedback from people about their situations and activities as they occur. International authors, amongst others from the US and UK, present state-of-the-art viewpoints about mobile phones as research instruments.


Emanuel Maxl

Emanuel Maxl is Head of Market and Usability Research at evolaris next level. He is responsible for research in the area of interactive media and developing methods using new technologies to measure acceptance of new media. One of his research focuses is applying mobile phone technologies in exploring customers. Emanuel Maxl is also a lecturer at the Department of Information Science and Information Systems at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz and chairman of the Austrian Association of Market Research. ...

Nicola Döring

Nicola Döring is Full Professor of Media Design and Media Psychology in the Department of Media and Communication Studies at Ilmenau University of Technology. Her current research interests include social and psychological dimensions of online and mobile communication, learning and teaching with new media, gender and sexuality studies, research methods and evaluation. ...

Astrid Wallisch

Astrid Wallisch, Mag., born 1967, is Head of Market Research and User Experience at mobilkom austria. She is responsible for national and international market research, competitive intelligence with focus on mobile devices, and research activities with the intention of optimizing the usability and user experience of processes, products and services. ...


Bernad Batinic, Fiona Blades, Britta Busse, Nicola Döring, Marek Fuchs, Hairong Li, Emanuel Maxl, Sven Nicolai, Corinna Peil, Tanja Pferdekämper, André Romano, Sigrid Studler, Astrid Tarkus, Ingvar Tjostheim, Leslie Townsend, Astrid Wallisch

Mobile Market Research
  • 2009
  • 352 S., 80 Abb., 52 Tab., engl.
  • Broschur, 213 x 142 mm
  • ISBN 978-3-938258-70-5

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