Cornelia Brantner / Joan Ramon Rodríguez-Amat

Mediatisierung und Visualisierung von Ort und Raum:

Zur Erforschung partizipativer digitaler Praktiken in Geomedien im Rahmen sozialer Proteste

[Mediatization and Visualization of place and space: Researching participatory digital practices in geomedia in the context of social protests]

Crowdmapped protests are a complex communicative phenomenon that involves the converging technologies of mobile geolocated devices and social interaction through social networked sites; this includes also information exchange of diverse nature: texts, metadata and visual resources, such as on-site pictures or maps of several types. In fact, collective mapping is not only a mediatized and a visual practice, but also a social and cultural activity with political intentions and implications. Any effort to understand the phenomenon has to take into consideration the multiplicity of information layers generated across the multiple devices, still grasping the power struggles present in the rich cultural field. This chapter provides a methodological tool that helps analyzing the dispersion of places and spaces constructed and mediatized through the collective interaction holistically and from an interdisciplinary view. The article explores the case of a crowdmapped protest that took place in Madrid in 2012 to suggest four modes of analysis: representations, textures, structures and connections that combine and complement each other providing a detailed and complete visualization of the mediatized space and place.

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