Friedrich Krotz

Mediatisierung und die wachsende Bedeutung visueller Kultur: Zum Verhältnis zweier Kommunikationswissenschaftlicher Metaprozesse

[Mediatization and the Growing Importance of Visual Culture: On the Relationship of two metaprocesses of Communication Studies]

This paper asks for the relations between the long-term process of mediatization and the long-term process of the growing importance of visual culture, here called visualization. After a short introduction, a theoretical outline of the characteristic aspects of the mediatization approach is given, as it is developed and used in the priority program ›Mediatized Worlds‹. Then follows a description of the development of the social world ›football‹ into a mediatized world, which exemplarily shows how mediatization and visualization both are important in such a space of communication: Without taking the role of media and especially of visual media into consideration, it is not possible to understand nowadays, how football is taking place. In the next part of the chapter, some fundamental concepts of visual culture are discussed in order to contribute to the development of a theory of visual communication, which may be helpful for the ongoing development of the mediatization – in such a sense, especially an understanding of pictures as symbols is necessary. Also, some ideas are developed about how mediatization research can be of interest for visualization research and vice versa. Finally, it is concluded that also the role of power must be understood as an important topic in studying mediatization and visualization, as these two broad and long-term meta processes are of high importance for the development of individuation and social relations, democracy and society.

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