Epp Lauk


Epp Lauk, PhD, professor of journalism at the Department of Communication, University of Jyväskylä, Visiting Bonnier Professor at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Stockholm, part-time Senior Researcher at the Institute of Journalism and Communication, University of Tartu, Chairperson of the Estonian Press Council (EPC). Research interests: professionalization of journalism and journalism cultures in comparative perspective; journalism history and biographical-historical journalism research; media development in Eastern and Central Europe. Publications: The Burden of Remembering: Recollections and Representations of the Twentieth Century. Helsinki 2009 (ed. with E. Kõresaar & K. Kuutma); Reflections on Changing Patterns of Journalism in the New EU Countries. In: Journalism Studies 10, 1/2009, pp. 69 – 84; How will it all unfold? Media systems and journalism cultures in post-Communist countries. In: K. Jakubowicz/M. Sükösd (ed.): Finding the Right Place on the Map. Bristol 2008, pp. 193 – 212.


Tobias Eberwein / Susanne Fengler / Epp Lauk / Tanja Leppik-Bork (Hrsg.)

Mapping Media Accountability – in Europe and Beyond

While press councils face tough challenges across Europe, and media reporting has almost vanished from the mass media in many countries in a time of media crisis, new forms of media accountability have emerged in the Internet: readers and viewers twitter about the media’s mistakes, online ombudsmen follow up on ...