Anna Kleiman

Dress to Oppress: Performing Blasphemy on the Red Carpet – Scandalogy

Anna Kleiman analyzes the ›Jerusalem Dress‹ scandal, regarded as a seemingly harmless fashion gesture by some, which received massive media attention in Israel but less so in international news. The ›Jerusalem Dress‹ is an example for a scandal in culture. Social outrage was provoked by a bold dress worn by the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports at the Cannes Film Festival red carpet event in 2017. The author argues that this reflected how a very refined balance in Israeli culture was roughly undermined. Kleiman offers a thorough media and discourse analysis of the case and illustrates how scandals in culture can result from the overlapping of several social sub-fields. The dynamics of scandalization in this case stemmed from interrelations of discursive practices and social figurations in fields such as fashion, celebrity culture, national and international affairs, national identity politics, religion and new media.

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