Stefan Meier

›Die neue visuelle Authentizität‹

Modifikation des Dokumentarischen als Effekt fortschreitender Mediatisierung

[›The New Visual Authenticity‹. Modification of the Documentary as an Effect of Mediatization]

Analyzing the transformation of media, multi-faceted dynamics of visualization and mediatization, which are based on digitization can be found. A perspective that especially focuses on visual communication cannot ignore the practice of image processing as well as multimodal orchestration in single formats like online and print newspapers and magazines, digital games, etc. The paper develops a conceptual approach to authenticity in current digital photojournalism from a semiotic point of view. First, it reconstructs the semiotical frameworks ›indexicality‹ and ›iconicity‹ as indicators of authenticity. Here, the author investigates how these concepts were created for describing analogue photography. Consequently, the paper seeks conceptual development to adapt to the changes from analogue, one-way media practices to digital (online-)discourse practices which vary in their degrees of periodicity, searchability, animation and reactivity. Especially, the interactive practices of reactivity inspire a non-professional photo production by eyewitnesses, which is characterized by the production moment itself. The aesthetic of these photos and video clips is closely linked to the technical and emotional circumstances of the shown event. This seems to be a new type of authenticity, which is received by the mass media to make the news more evident. Using the visual reporting on the Boston marathon bombing as case study, the paper explains this new conceptual approach.

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