Martijn Icks / Eric Shiraev

Character Assassination and Scandalogy: How and why Character Attacks cause Scandals

Martijn Icks and Eric Shiraev further discuss the phenomenon of character assassination as part of scandalization. Their research sheds light on how and why character attacks cause scandals. By comparing four historical cases of (attempted) character assassination, Shiraev and Icks substantiate the argument that phenomena of scandalization underlie certain transcultural and transhistorical discursive practices and social figurations. In order to rationally argue why and how character attacks cause possible scandals, the researchers pose their own model. This model helps to differentiate the quantity and quality of rhetorical practices that constitute character attacks on the one hand and the degree of social sensitivity to certain issues that is prefigured by aforementioned cultural variables on the other hand. The detailed and informed discussion of the case studies and the grounding of the analysis in a heuristic model are both valuable additions to the field of scandalogy.

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