15. Februar 2019

Anne-Marie in der Au

Anne-Marie In der Au, M.A., is research assistant at the Institute of Communication Science (IfK) at Technische Universität Dresden since December 2014. Her main research interests are news quality as well as the reception and effects of news consumption in online environments.

Biagio Aragona


Biagio Aragona, Ph.D., is assistant professor in Sociology at the University of Naples Federico II and lecturer in Social Research Methods and Advanced Methods for Quantitative Research. His research activity is mainly on the use of statistical sources for the analysis of social policies and about the study of the challenges and opportunities that big data and others new data offer to social sciences.

Michael Bartl

Michael Bartl is CEO for HYVE. Before then he worked for the carmaker Audi in the R&D division. In the research field of innovation and technology management he has published in numerous scientific journals and is author of the E-Journal The Making-of Innovation ( From 2011-2014 Michael served in the national executive committee of the German Association of Market and Social Research (BVM). In 2012 he was appointed as German senator to the Senat der Wirtschaft which is part of the Global Economic Network.

Thomas Bettermann

Thomas Bettermann, M.Sc., is research associate at the Institute of Ubiquitous Mobility Systems (IUMS) at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences since November 2015. His main research interest is related to Embedded Systems.

Brenda L. Berkelaar


Brenda L. Berkelaar, Dr. (Ph.D., Purdue University) studies technology and work. She is a research consultant and fellow at the Center for Health Communication in the Moody College of Communication and Dell Medical School and teaches in the Cockrell School of Engineering and the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin.

Wouter Nij Bijvank

Wouter Nij Bijvank completed his Masters at the Human Technology Interaction group at Eindhoven University of Technology. Currently he works as a consultant within the automotive domain in a technical agency. His main field of interest is human factors engineering.

Sören Brunk

Sören Brunk, Dipl.-Inf., is research associate at the Institute of Ubiquitous Mobility Systems (IUMS) at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences since July 2015. Prior to this, he has been a research assistant at the Professorship of Software Engineering of Ubiquitous Systems (SEUS) at the Faculty of Computer Science at Technische Universität Dresden and the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) in Galway, Ireland. His research focusses on semantic modeling, recommendation systems, and linked data.

Alessandro Cimbelli

Alessandro Cimbelli works as a technologist in the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat), in the Directorate of Territorial and Environmental Statistics. Graduated in electronic engineering at Sapienza University of Rome, with thesis in remote sensing, he has around 20 years job experience in the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and image processing, gained in national and international research institutes. Main application fields: map production, analysis of remote sensed images, spatial data processing, software development. He has also been working with European projects since 1998. Currently he is the manager of the project »Production of land cover map and statistics«.

Rianne Conijn

Rianne Conijn is a Ph.D. candidate in learning analytics and educational data mining at Tilburg University. Her research interests include the analy­sis and interpretation of (sequences of) online and offline learning behavior to improve learning and teaching.

Ulrik Brandes

Ulrik Brandes is a professor for social networks at ETH Zurich. From 2003 to 2017 he was professor for algorithmics at the University of Konstanz. He is an area editor with Network Science, associate editor with Social Networks, and on the editorial boards of the Journal of Mathematical Sociology and the Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications. Since 2007, he serves on the board of directors of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA).